Why Does My Dog Pant In The Car?

Why Does My Dog Pant In The Car

Why Does My Dog Pant In The Car? Dogs often pant during car journeys due to heat, dehydration, motion sickness, fear or excitement which is crucial for controlling their body temperature due to insufficient time and introduction to automobiles. Dogs often pant in the car due to a combination of physical and psychological factors. Car … Read more

Do Dogs Eat Birds?

Do Dogs Eat Birds

Do Dogs Eat Birds? Yes, dogs can eat birds. Because they are omnivores, dogs may eat a range of things including meat. Due to their history as bird hunters the dogs are known to devour a variety of things including birds by demonstrating their intrinsic propensity to eat inappropriate food.  Canines may catch and consume … Read more

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Tongue Out?

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Tongue Out

Answer the question Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Tongue Out? During sleep the muscles including the tongue is relax that allows the tongue to protrude from the mouth. This phenomenon can occur in dogs and people as their jaws may open during profound sleep and extreme relaxation. Dogs sleeping with their tongues out a … Read more

Do Dogs Have Periods & Bleed?

Do Dogs Have Periods

Do Dogs Have Periods? Certainly nothing like humans. Although they occasionally go through estrus or heat cycles the dogs do not have monthly cycles. They have bigger vulvae and discharge more often during estrus. No, dogs do not have periods or bleed in the same way that humans do. Female dogs go through a reproductive … Read more

Can German Shepherd Eat Apples?

Can German Shepherd Eat Apples

Answer to question Can German Shepherd Eat Apples? Yes your German Shepherds can eat apples in moderation. Apples are a popular treat for German Shepherds due to their high calcium, vitamin A and C content as well as fiber which aids digestion. They also provide a sweet taste and crisp texture for keeping their teeth … Read more